Our Focus

Transparent, Responsible & Accountable Government

Everything we do as a team is about ensuring governments are open, accountable, and answerable for their decisions.

Governments are there to serve us. They need to account to their constituents about the decisions they make and the actions they take. This is particularly important when it comes to spending taxpayer money or when these decisions impact directly on people’s lives.

Centre Alliance also expects corporations to respect the social contract they have with the community. Corporations, particularly multi-nationals, must pay their fair share of taxes. They must treat their customers, and employees, with fairness and dignity. Australians who speak out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected.

Australian Industry and Nation Building Endeavours

We support “Australian Made’. Successive governments have effectively abandoned Australian industries and jobs by failing to stand up for domestic manufacturing and farming.

Australian governments have the power to support more local jobs just through their own buying power. The Federal Government alone spends almost $60 billion each year buying goods and services, and should ensure as much of that as practicable is spent domestically. SMEs should have fair opportunity to bid for government tenders, and the Government must consistently model best practice payment times to suppliers.

Labelling laws need to provide consumers with truth in labelling, spelling out the country of origin for ingredients. Inferior below cost products should not be dumped on our shores.

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