Australia's Interests

Centre Alliance (formerly the Nick Xenophon Team) is a grass roots party that believes in working constructively and respectfully across party lines to achieve strong outcomes for Australia.

We judge all policy on its merits and we are always guided by what is in the nation’s best interests.

We believe Australians are fed up with the adversarial politics of the major parties - where striking a blow against the other side and claiming the high ground is more important than working together for the national good.

Centre Alliance believes in a common sense approach. We do not rely on unions, big business or special interest groups to fund or direct our operations.

We are all about listening to communities and solving problems from a non ideological perspective. 

We work for the national interest, not vested interests.  

Centre Alliance stands for:

  • Responsible, transparent and accountable government
  • Australian industry
  • Nation building endeavours
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