Family Violence

Australian families should be free from incidents of violence. Police and family violence services must properly protect and support survivors.

Examples of what needs to be done:

  • The creation of a federal body which investigates the circumstances surrounding every fatal family violence incident, with a particular focus on systemic failures in the lead-up to each incident. Currently police forces rarely undertake this level of investigation, which allows flawed systems to remain in place. Often law enforcement agencies have missed opportunities to intervene before a fatal incident occurs.
  • Advocate for uniform laws relating to family violence across all state and territory jurisdictions, to ensure equal protection regardless of where someone lives.
  • Create and fund an evidence-based national awareness campaign with a particular focus on the cultural environment which contributes to family violence.
  • Provide adequate funding for a coordinated approach to family and intimate partner violence including safe houses, counselling, case management and legal support to ensure survivors have a voice and can enforce their rights.
  • Rehabilitation of perpetrators to help reduce the ongoing harm caused by repeat offenders and, in turn, the damaging inter-generational cycle of this particular type of crime.
  • Creation and funding of a national education program in schools focusing on respect and safety in family and other interpersonal relationships.
Authorised by R. Sharkie, Unit 7, 169 Unley Rd UNLEY SA 5061