Substance Abuse & Rehabilitation

With one of the highest levels of substance abuse in the world, we need a total revamp to ensure those with a problem can access help. We must develop programs and an Australia wide culture that seeks to minimise addiction in the first place.

Examples of what needs to be done: 

  • Treat personal drug use as primarily a health issue, rather than a criminal issue, with well funded rehabilitation programs - including mandatory rehabilitation in certain circumstances.
  • Develop programs and an Australia-wide change in culture that seeks to prevent drug addiction.
  • Explore innovative ways to disrupt and minimise the illicit drug business model.
  • Enable the ability of the public to simply and safely “inform” on dealers to significantly reduce any localised interest in dealing and cut off the sale and revenue elements of any drug based business model.
  • An increase in funding is required to establish better access to rehabilitation clinics along with a clear transition into skills and job training.
  • Drug trafficking legislation should be modified to allow authorities to rapidly and simply seize assets of those involved in trafficking and distribution


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