There is no excuse for terrorism. Such acts of violence cannot be justified in any circumstances. It is incumbent on community leaders and government to denounce and take action to prevent all acts of terrorism and to keep its citizens safe.

Examples of what needs to be done:

  • Ensure government has sufficient power to deal with terrorists in a way that is effective and not counter-productive.
  • Put adequate resources into counter radicalisation strategies, so young and susceptible people are not brainwashed by extremists.
  • Extremists that groom susceptible people for acts of violence need to be locked away.
  • Rather than stripping Australian citizenship of dual nationals involved in terrorism, which could allow them to retaliate against Australians overseas - they need to be brought back to Australia and locked up for community safety.



Authorised by R. Sharkie, Unit 7, 169 Unley Rd UNLEY SA 5061