Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to frequently asked questions directed to the Centre Alliance team are posted here. If you would like to ask a question, please contact us. 

Q. Why did you change your name from the Nick Xenophon Team to Centre Alliance?

A. Nick Xenophon is no longer involved with the party so it was appropriate to change the party name to a name that reflects the common sense centrist approach the party takes when tackling issues.

Q. Isn't it a waste of my vote voting for you, as you'll never form government?

A. Absolutely not! In fact, voting for Centre Alliance will ensure accountable, transparent and responsible government. The more elected members, the greater the ability to influence the shape and direction the country will take.

Q. Where are your detailed and costed policies?

A. We see our primary role as being the watchdog against waste and a promoter of dynamic and practical ideas for the country. Centre Alliance members are guided by policy principles that inform our actions. Our track record is all about ensuring accountability and taxpayers getting value for money.

Q. I voted for the Nick Xenophon Team at the last federal election. What have NXT and Centre Alliance achieved so far?

A. The party, both before and since the name change, has achieved a huge amount since being elected, including government prioritising the purchasing of Australian goods and services; ensuring Australian standards are being met on all government projects; protection and compensation for whistleblowers; Carly’s Law, which protects young people from online predators; the introduction of mentoring programs to boost apprenticeships; funding for the Port Augusta Solar Thermal Plant; funding for SA’s life-saving Proton Therapy Centre; increased country road funding; better health facilities for the Adelaide Hills; funding for community radio, independent and regional publications and journalism cadetships. And this doesn't include our relentless work to ensure we maximise local content and jobs for the Future Subs and Naval Ships and the valuable committee and advocacy work and watchdog role all parliamentary members carry out. 

Q. Is SA-BEST and Centre Alliance the same party?

A. Centre Alliance is a federally registered party that can field candidates in any state or territory of Australia. SA-BEST is a SA registered party than can field candidates in SA state elections only. Whilst both parties have a common heritage (Nick Xenophon) they are separately incorporated bodies and have different management structures. The SA elected members of Centre Alliance are strong advocates for their state and work closely with the SA-BEST elected members.

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